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Everybody knows that ActiveX is a security risk for your computer. There are a lot more technologies carrying the same risks. The correct security configuration gives you the power to restrict these risks.

  • .NET Components
  • Automatic font installation
  • Netscape plugins
  • Java
  • Installation of desktop objects
  • Various malicious script activities

Most security bugs found in Microsoft Internet Explorer are based on one of these technologies or ActiveX. By just disallowing all these activities you can avoid being hit by a trojan or virus even before Microsoft offers a fix.

Of course you should still install every fix Microsoft offers. That's always the best choice.

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.NET Components

The new .NET components or applications are very similar to ActiveX. The major difference is that they have inbuilt security features and Internet Explorer treats them differently than ActiveX. It is important to be informed whenever .NET components execute.


Java is usually safe to execute. Sometimes Java applets get scripted with JavaScript which might allow some exchange of data between your computer and the website without your prior consent.

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